About Club Amigos

Club Amigos is a lively & interactive Spanish enrichment program for children of all ages. The program is offered before or after school at various elementary schools in the Denver area. Classes are approximately 45 minutes long, which has proven to be the perfect length to keep kids interested for the duration and still wanting more by the end. (Much less time is too short and any longer, interest starts to wane.) Topics are taught slowly and words are repeated frequently so that children truly learn and retain all that they hear. Newsletters are then sent home to reinforce what was taught in the class. Parents are also given the option to purchase Spanish educational materials to supplement classroom instruction.

The program was created by Rachel Simring, also known as "Señorita S." Rachel is a foreign language advocate and an experienced Spanish teacher, certified to teach Preschool through 12th grade. All classes are taught by either Rachel herself or by Phyllis Simring, a veteran teacher with over 30 years of experience. Having true teachers (as opposed to just native speakers or high school students) ensures a high-quality program because there is classroom control and time is not wasted with discipline issues. Having seasoned, certified teachers gives your child the most efficient, experienced instruction possible.

In addition to being a teacher, Rachel is a musician. She taught music classes to children at Woodward Academy in Atlanta and was active on the Atlanta and Denver music scenes for years as a singer, guitar player and leader in several different bands. She was nominated as one of Denver's Best Singer/Songwriters by Westword for almost an entire decade. Rachel's Playpen, her most popular band, opened for many national acts and played all the big festivals and clubs in Denver. Rachel made several CDs, sang back up on other musicians' albums and gained notoriety during her time on the scene until she decided to focus all her efforts on teaching Spanish.

Club Amigos started in Denver in 1999. Many companies have since been created to try and mimic the success of Club Amigos. Instead of being frustrated by the attempts at imitation, Rachel is flattered by it. If anything, it has caused her to raise the bar even higher. In August of 2009, she released a CD of Spanish songs and poems that she created for children. It accompanies a book she published called "Sing Along Spanish with Señorita S." The book & CD are great as a supplemental tool for the classes, but can also stand alone for anyone wanting their child to learn Spanish in a fun and engaging way.

To get Club Amigos into your school, contact Rachel for availability and more information.