Señorita's Incentives

Coming soon! Recommend Sing-Along Spanish and earn money!

Like the book & CD? If so, you can earn money for your school, organization, charity or for yourself just by encouraging someone else to buy their own copy!

Simply send people to the order form on this website. The form has a place for the purchaser to enter the name of the organization or person who referred them. The person or group named will earn $2 for every completed sale of the book & CD. The person buying it must fill in the "referred by" line in order for you to get credit. You can request a check, payable to whomever you indicate, once your total reaches $20 or more. (That's only ten sales!) We'll keep track of your earnings online!

Schools, teachers and groups wanting to sell this product as a fundraiser are encouraged to contact me directly: or at (303) 758-1190.

Please remember that the material in the book and the CD are copyright protected. The best way to share this product is by getting others to purchase their own. This incentive program is my way of getting these materials into as many people's hands as possible, and rewarding those who help me do it. The best part is that there's no hard selling, no parties to host and no deliveries. You're simply passing word along about a useful and educational product and getting rewarded for doing so.

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