Helpful Hints – What To Expect Out Of This Program

  • Club Amigos does not give mandatory homework, as to maintain the allure of the program to children. Instead, homework is given as an option. (They usually choose to do it, too!)
  • Each session, Club Amigos sends home a newsletter of all the words we've been teaching the children. This helps parents reinforce at home what the children learn in class. Phonetic spellings are written next to the new words so that parents aren't intimidated if they are unfamiliar with Spanish.
  • Club Amigos works with Scholastic Books to offer affordable materials to parents and kids that will help reinforce what is taught in class.
  • Please note that teaching too much too fast leads to confused children. Repetition is important and all children (even those who have already had Spanish) need it. If we taught a different topic each week, the children would retain nothing in the end. Patience is required in order to see results, as learning a new language takes time. Think of our sessions as building blocks, understanding that repetition and consistency are the keys to success in foreign language learning.
  • We do not claim that any child will achieve fluency from our weekly class. Instead, we strive to give kids early exposure to Spanish in a fun way. Children come away from the program with a foundation, an appreciation and a love for learning that will serve them throughout their lives.
  • Most of our classes are made up of students of all ages. This is possible because we teach using universal games and catchy songs and activities. Younger children pick up the vocabulary faster, while the older students better understand the concepts of the games. The children find they need each other in order to succeed, which leads to them having greater self confidence in their own capabilities, as well as having a newfound level of respect for each other.
  • Though parents may wish to sit in on a class, they are discouraged from doing so. We find that children become shy to speak in the company of strangers and the presence of extra adults can be distractive and intimidating. As many parents will also attest, children often behave better in a classroom setting when mommy is NOT around than when she IS. Should you still want to see what a class is like, you are asked to call Club Amigos directly and discuss your options with the instructor.
  • Our instructors are certified, experienced teachers. We can often do more in one 45 minute class than other programs can do in two or three. This is because a real teacher has experience with classroom management. Time is not wasted disciplining children and more learning can take place. Also, consider this: just because you SPEAK English, does it mean you would know how to TEACH it? This makes Club Amigos very unique, as other programs hire native speakers or college kids, not teachers.
  • Lastly, please remember that Club Amigos is a private company contracting with the school to offer your child the opportunity to learn Spanish. In other words, the school is not responsible for this program. For this reason, should you have any questions or concerns, please call owner Rachel Simring, as she will be happy to assist you.

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