¿Qué Pasa?

Our "¿Qué Pasa?" newsletters are sent home once per session. They are used so that parents may reinforce the new vocabulary at home. The more your child hears the words, the more likely it is that he/she will remember them.

The newsletters make it easy for parents who don't know any Spanish at all. Rachel makes a special effort to phonetically spell out all the words so that parents can pronounce them without fear of looking silly in front of their children.

Reviewing the material on these newsletters not only helps your child retain the new words, but is a nice way for parents to see just how much their child already knows. We encourage children to keep a notebook or folder at home for all their "¿Qué Pasa?" newsletters so that they don't get lost. That way, by the end of school, students will have a nice collection of papers to help them remember all the words they learned that year.