Rules And Policies – The Nitty Gritty

While we don't have many rules, the few we do have must be strictly enforced for the benefit of all children involved, and to maintain the quality and integrity of the program. Club Amigos reserves the right to remove a member from our program at any time for not adhering to these policies. No refunds will be given. Though we don't make you sign and return anything, you are expected to be familiar with our policies.


This part applies only to children being picked up after class – not to those in preschool, in a morning Club Amigos class or those who bike, walk home, or go to an after-school care program.

Club Amigos is not intended as a babysitting service, and the instructor often has another school in which to report immediately after your child's class. We simply cannot wait for an undetermined time until your child is picked up after our class ends. For this reason, you will be charged $1 per minute for every minute you are late after the 5 minute grace period expires. This fee will be charged, even when you have somebody else picking up your child, as it often goes toward paying someone on the other end to stay with children until we arrive (or paying someone to stay with your child so that we can leave). If you are habitually late for pick-up, your child may asked to leave the program permanently.


Please let your child know that good behavior is expected even though this is an extra-curricular class. Many of Club Amigos' activities are fun and engaging, but wild or rude behavior cannot be tolerated. Out of consideration for others in the program, a disruptive child will be removed from the activity after two verbal warnings and asked to leave the program permanently if the bad behavior persists. Calls will be made home in efforts to correct such infractions before they get out of hand.


Due to limited space availability and scheduling considerations, Club Amigos will not issue refunds of any kind. We do not prorate for absences, nor can we be held responsible if your child forgets to report to class. Please remind your child to attend on the designated day. You can also notify your child's homeroom teacher. We make every effort to be sure all children are present before we start our class, but our teacher strictly cannot leave the others in search of a missing student.


There is a $20 charge for returned checks. Should this happen, you will be notified discreetly by phone. Prompt payment must be made in order for your child to continue classes.

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