Quotes & Press

Club Amigos was featured on Channel 4 (CBS) News in a story by Kathy Walsh in May of 2004. The story followed Rachel to her class at Holly Hills Elementary, as she recovered from voice surgery. They filmed Club Amigos in action, as Rachel played a fun game with her students. Since then, a multitude of principals and parents contacted Club Amigos to get the program at their school.

Comments from school administrators

"Club Amigos is an exciting way for children to learn and play with the Spanish language. The instructors are dependable, talented and love to work with children. I very highly recommend this as a before or after school program."

– Anita Theriot-Gallegos, former Instructional Superintendent of DPS & current principal at Asbury Elementary in Denver, CO

"For the past ten years, Phyllis and Rachel Simring have directed the Club Amigos Enrichment Program for our preschool and kindergarten age groups. Each week, they come prepared with songs, rhymes, finger plays, games, stories and an assortment of props to create a playful learning environment that is culturally rich and developmentally appropriate. They are enthusiastic, punctual and loyal to their students."

– Helen Andresen, Owner & Director of Iliff Preschool in Denver, CO

Testimonials & comments from parents

"My son at Blue Heron Elementary has been in Club Amigos for 7 years (K - 6th). Club Amigos has been the BEST extracurricular class we could have ever asked for! Every school year, without a doubt, we signed up for Club Amigos... it was a no brainer for our family. My son was always so eager for the 'Club Amigos day' so that he could go to school early and spend time with Señorita S. In fact, he would go in an extra ten minutes to help set up the chairs for all the kids just to make sure everything was ready so that the class would start right on time and so that he could earn extra 'puntos'. It's been 7 amazing years and we have truly been blessed to have Club Amigos and Señorita S. in our lives. We cherish the time we had and we know Club Amigos helped build our son's character."

– Jennifer Kozlowitz, Blue Heron Elementary in Littleton, CO

"My kids really love Spanish and your class. They are so cute every week.... 'Mama, I got 20 puntos!' They diligently do their homework and practice their words together, laughing at the pronunciation. It's been a joy. You are an excellent teacher. Foreign language skills are very important at this stage in their development and for life in a small world. Thanks for providing your wonderful skills to my kids."

– Keri Ungemah, Westerly Creek Elementary in Stapleton, CO

"Rachel, you've been such a tremendous influence on all the kids -- not to mention my own :) You're so full of vigor, positive reinforcement and patience. You also have a great sense of humor. What an honor to get to know you. Presley loves your book and CD, as well. As you know, I even ordered a bunch for our friends. I can't stress enough what a positive experience this has been for us, from the classes to the book to the CD to the interaction you have with my daughter and me. Thank you for all that you do!!"

– Tracy Schmidt, Asbury Elementary in Denver, CO

"I want to tell you again how impressed I am with how much Kellen is learning in your class. He always tells me what he does in your class and tonight he was singing Happy Birthday in Spanish and also told us all about The Day of the Dead. He is constantly quizzing me to see if I know the names of different things in Spanish! They had Spanish twice a week at his previous school, but he didn't learn as much as he has learned with you once a week. He really loves the games you play. We also listened and sang along to your CD this past weekend and you'll be pleased to know he has been doing the activities in your book. He really enjoys it."

– Kristi Covalciuc, Coyote Ridge in Broomfield, CO

"My daughter first took Club Amigos as a preschooler and when she entered public Kindergarten, she was delighted to see that her new elementary school offered it, as well. What makes Club Amigos so successful is that the instructors make learning Spanish so approachable. More importantly, they make it fun and interesting, which keeps the children engaged and eager to learn more. Learning language takes time and dedication, and the pace of this class is appropriate and necessarily repetitive. If you are considering enrolling your child in this class, take my advice and give it a try. You'll be glad you did."

– Rachael Bennett, Southmoor Elementary in Denver, CO

"It is rare to come across a teacher with as much enthusiasm and genuine concern for her students as Rachel Simring has. My daughter has a level of knowledge above and beyond the average second grade student largely due to the quality of time spent with Señorita S. Personally and professionally, I do not often encounter someone with as much positive energy as this teacher."

– Charlene Palmissano, Woodward Academy in Atlanta, GA

"Since joining Club Amigos, my two boys are growing more and more culturally diverse. They are actually excited to meet someone speaking Spanish so they can test their new skills. I know that the use of another language is expanding their minds, and this excites me as a parent because I believe I am giving them the best opportunity for future success."

– Lydia Fiore, Coyote Ridge Elementary in Broomfield, CO

"Both my girls, ages 5 and 7, have loved and enjoyed Club Amigos for the past 3 years. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to enroll them through their school and get such positive results."

– Yvonne Sprague, Cory Elementary in Denver, CO

"My son enjoys Club Amigos better than anything else at school. He can't wait to come home and share with me all the things he has learned each week. Amazingly, he learns more from his once-a-week Club Amigos class than from the Spanish class that's part of the curriculum at Stargate three times a week. In fact, even I have learned some Spanish, thanks to Señorita S."

– Amy Martinez, Stargate Charter School in Thornton, CO

Quotes, notes & things overheard from students

"Hola, Rachel. This is Kara, and I was looking at your website and I remember when I was in your club three years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday, however, because in my Spanish class now, my chosen 'name' to be called is Raquel. I chose that because I didn't/don't ever want to forget the classes I took from you. Just because I was in Club Amigos for a few years, I've been able to understand my required Spanish courses a lot easier than I would have had I not participated. I just wanted to let you know that you made a huge impact in my 'Spanish-speaking' life."

– Kara, formerly from Cory Elementary, currently a middle school student in Denver

"I'm always glad when I see Señorita S. because it means today is Club Amigos day and I don't have to wait anymore."

– Cade, 5 year old student at Hunters Glen Elementary in Thornton, CO

"I wish we had Club Amigos every day."

– Olivia, 8 year old student at Cotton Creek Elementary in Westminster, CO

"Señorita S., I don't know what I love more: you or Club Amigos."

– Sean, 6 year old student at University Park Elementary in Denver, CO