Scholastic Spanish/English Book Club

Scholastic Book Club has a division called "Club Leo." They send catalogs approximately every two months with their newest selection of Spanish books, software and CDs. Scholastic offers quality materials that are educational and inexpensive. There is no charge for tax or shipping, and there is never any obligation to buy.

We used to automatically send home a copy of the order form to every family currently involved in Club Amigos. It quickly turned into a time-intensive and wasteful process. Now, Scholastic is sent home by request only. We will notify families by email when a new catalog becomes available. Parents simply need to reply to the email if they would like a copy of the current order form.

  • The more children read at home, the more successful they are in school. In addition, the more Spanish you can reinforce at home, the faster your child will learn and retain the new vocabulary.

  • In general, bilingual books are okay, as they give children a reference as to what the Spanish words might mean. Books that are totally in Spanish are typically too hard. They are great for fluent Spanish speakers & readers, but too difficult for those just learning Spanish. Dictionaries are always handy references and books mostly in English with splashes of Spanish are best for word retention and comprehension. Software and CDs, provided they appear age-appropriate, are highly recommended.

  • To place an order once you've received an order form, simply fill out the form, clearly indicating your choices. Make checks payable to Club Leo and return both the form and check to your child's Club Amigos teacher. Allow 2-4 weeks for us to place the order and get the books delivered to us. We will then bring them directly to your child on the day he/she has Club Amigos.