Little Cougars

¡Hola! My name is Rachel Simring, though my students affectionately know me as "Señorita S." I have been teaching Spanish since 1999. I own a company called Club Amigos, a popular before- and after-school Spanish Enrichment for elementary-aged kids. After teaching Spanish and music to preschoolers for many years, I took a break from that age group when I had my own kids. With both of my boys back in school, I’m ready again to bring Spanish to my youngest students.

As you know, children this age are eager to learn, so this is as good a time as any to introduce Spanish! My lesson plans will tie in with what your children will already be learning in their preschool class, making it seamless, easy and fun. Your children will see me approximately every two weeks. Below, you can see when I will be working with your little "cougars." Best of all, if they like learning Spanish, Club Amigos is offered at Cougar Run after school on Tuesdays for students in grades K-6. I look forward to meeting your children and hope they come home excited to show off the Spanish they learn in my class!

The Frog Room will have Spanish from 2:10-2:30 and the Bees Room will have it from 2:35-2:55 on:

September 5, 19

October 3, 17

November 14, 28

December 12

January 9, 23

February 6, 20

March 6

April 3, 17

May 1